Calculadora para las medidas económicos y sociales

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Welcome to the HRMI Economic and Social Rights Calculator (beta version).

The calculator uses the SERF Index methodology which measures how well governments are translating their resources into rights outcomes for their people. Scores for most countries in the world are available on

The calculator programme includes instructions and explanations as you use it.

This is a beta product, under development. Please note that it only runs on Windows computers at the moment, we’re working on getting more varieties running.

Here are the steps to download the calculator:

1. Click on the link below to download the zip file.
HRMI Calculator

2. Go to your Download folder in your window explorer, right click and select ‘Extract all’.

3. Go to your Download folder again, right click on the HRMI-Calculator-Beta application and click ‘Open’.

4. You may see a prompt message below, click ‘More info’ and ‘Run anyway’.

5. You will then see the calculator as below, have fun!

Thanks for using the calculator! Please let us know what you use the calculator for, and how useful you find it. If you have any suggestions, we would love to hear them. We value your feedback!