Engaging the private sector in improving human rights: Summit report

In September of 2022, HRMI organised a co-design Summit with the aim of bringing together people working at the intersection of finance/business and human rights to co-design innovations to advance the engagement of the private sector in human rights.

This event was part of a workstream funded by the Ford Foundation to engage the private sector in improving country-level human rights.

We were thrilled to be joined by so many individuals from many different places and many different fields.

Over the course of the Summit, eight innovations were proposed for co-design:

  • Rights Tracker: Investor – New HRMI country-level human rights data for investors and companies
  • Enabling Access to Remedy
  • Measuring Labour Rights
  • Exploring: “How might we leverage new learning about how the private sector influences country-level human rights?”
  • How to Convince Sovereigns to Put More Emphasis on Human Rights
  • Digital Rights Dashboard
  • Exploring: Human Rights Disclosure – How can disclosure positively influence human rights impacts?
  • Human Rights Compass for Software Developers

We thank all participants for sharing their insights and helping to advance these ideas.

The post-Summit report is available here if you’d like to read more.

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