Etiqueta: HRMI Ambassadors

HRMI’s goal is to improve people’s lives, worldwide, by producing robust, comparable data on the human rights performance of countries. The data is published each year, free for anyone to use, on our data site. Can you help us do that, by becoming a HRMI Ambassador? Who can be a HRMI Ambassador? We are looking for […]

¿HRMI? ¿Her-me? ¿Her-mi? ‘Iniciativa de Medición de los Derechos Humanos” es un nombre un poco largo, por lo que, para abreviar, llamamos a esta iniciativa HRMI (por sus siglas en inglés) y lo pronunciamos “jer-mi”. “Los datos comparativos sobre el desempeño de los países respecto a los derechos humanos son una manera útil de hacer […]

Collaboration is a key value for us here at HRMI. The initiative, and each key strategic step, have been co-created by human rights experts around the world. At our most recent co-design workshop, in Johannesburg in September 2018, we came away with dozens of ideas for improving our work and making more impact. One of […]