Mes: febrero 2019

This article has been updated to reflect the latest HRMI data. Media stories of disappearances, arbitrary and illegal arrests, and extrajudicial killings are now so commonplace in Mexico that they almost seem normal. But the Human Rights Measurement Initiative’s new data measuring respect for civil and political rights in Mexico show that this situation is […]

Since the election of Rodrigo Duterte in June 2016, a violent ‘war on drugs’ has claimed upwards of 5,000 lives in the Philippines. Executions by police and militia groups that target drug dealers and users not only exacerbate the drug problem but constitute a violation of the right to freedom from execution by extrajudicial killing. […]

¿HRMI? ¿Her-me? ¿Her-mi? ‘Iniciativa de Medición de los Derechos Humanos” es un nombre un poco largo, por lo que, para abreviar, llamamos a esta iniciativa HRMI (por sus siglas en inglés) y lo pronunciamos “jer-mi”. “Los datos comparativos sobre el desempeño de los países respecto a los derechos humanos son una manera útil de hacer […]