The first global initiative to track the human rights performance of countries

Why does the world need HRMI? Because for human rights to improve, they need to be measured. At the moment this isn’t happening. Existing human rights data vary in quality and don’t adequately cover all the human rights promoted by international law. HRMI is unique because we are:

Collaborative – we bring together the expertise of human rights practitioners around the world, and academics specialising in human rights measurement.

Comprehensive – we will produce metrics for the full range of human rights listed in the International Bill of Human Rights.

Independent   – given the political sensitivity of the topic, we consider independence essential to ensuring our metrics are accurate and transparent. All funding secured will be from ethical bodies that remain at arm's length from our operations.

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If you are invited to contribute information to our civil and political rights metrics, please do! Sharing what you know about human rights violations in your country will help get this information out to a new audience.