Selected journal articles

Using practitioner surveys to measure human rights: The Human Rights Measurement Initiative’s civil and political rights metrics
K Chad Clay, Ryan Bakker, Anne-Marie Brook, Daniel W Hill, Jr, Amanda Murdie, in Journal of Peace Research, October 2020. (
Free PDF download)

Human rights data for everyone: Introducing the Human Rights Measurement Initiative (HRMI)” Anne-Marie Brook, K Chad Clay, and Susan Randolph, in Journal of Human Rights, Volume 19, No 3 (2020), pp 67-82. (Free PDF download)

Does constitutionalizing economic and social rights promote their fulfillment?” Elizabeth Kaletski, Lance Minkler, Nishith Prakash and Susan Randolph, in Journal of Human Rights, Volume 15, No 4 (2016), pp 433-453.

Tracking the Historical Evolution of States’ Compliance with their Economic and Social Rights Obligations of Result – Insights from the Historical SERF Index” by Susan Randolph and Patrick Guyer, in Nordic Journal of Human Rights, Volume 30, No 3 (2016).


Fulfilling Social and Economic Rights by Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Terra Lawson-Remer, and Susan Randolph, Oxford University Press, 2015.

Other publications

“Monitoring the enjoyment of the rights to adequate housing and health care and protection in Aotearoa New Zealand” by Livvy Mitchell, Paddy Baylis, and Susan Randolph, Motu working paper, 2021

Human Rights During the Pandemic, HRMI Covid-19 Report 2021, and its Appendix.

Human Rights Across the Pacific, HRMI Pacific Report 2020.

Is the global situation of human rights improving or deteriorating?” by Susan Randolph, hosted on URG’s website, 2019.

Measuring what matters: a new database to track human rights performance” by Anne-Marie Brook, K Chad Clay, and Susan Randolph, hosted on Open Global Rights, 2018.

New data tool scores Australia and other countries on their human rights performance” by K Chad Clay, hosted on The Conversation, 2018.

Methodology handbook

You can download HRMI’s methodology handbook for detailed information on the construction of HRMI’s data.