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It’s an unfortunate reality that human rights advocates and journalists are often at risk of persecution from their governments. Since these brave and dedicated people are often the same in-country human rights experts we ask to participate in our data collection, it’s really important to us that we safeguard their identities and minimise the chance […]

Collaboration is a key value for us here at HRMI. The initiative, and each key strategic step, have been co-created by human rights experts around the world. At our most recent co-design workshop, in Johannesburg in September 2018, we came away with dozens of ideas for improving our work and making more impact. One of […]

We’re delighted to now have two short instructional videos available to make it easier to use our data website. We have one for exploring the civil and political rights data, and one for the economic and social rights data. Please have a look and let us know if they’re useful to you. Take a tour […]

Ericino de Salema em "Pontos de Vista"

Ericino de Salema em “Pontos de Vista”

Radar graphs for three of the original pilot countries.

Radar graphs for three of the original pilot countries. Explore the data on our data site.

This year many in New Zealand are celebrating 125 years since the Parliament allowed women to have the vote. In her address to the United Nations General Assembly last month New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, however, ‘I for one will never celebrate the gains we have made for women domestically, while internationally other […]